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Thursday, December 7, 2017

freebies and sweepstaking for moms :)

To balance the scale in your sweepstaking... FREEBIES!!!!

I love my sweepstaking hobby. But I hate it when I walk out to the mailbox and ugh.. nothing.. or I didn't win :(  - Waiting and all those no's can get discouraging. There is a answer FREEBIES!!!! I personally think that it helps you to win more if you can get a constant stream of things coming in. In the beginning it can take a few months to get the prizes to start coming in. We have to wait until until all those contests end before we can win.  I am compiling a list here of all the freebie sites I can find so that you can start asking for freebies a little like a quick perk for you, like a sucker at the doctor's office :) to keep you motivated until that win comes in. Freebies can really help you too! All those magazines have sweepstakes.. and magazines such as Seventeen - you have to have that in hand to get the codes - unless you have a sweeping friend who shares with you. You will be introduced to new companies that will have sweepstakes later too. Many freebie sites list sweepstakes as well so you can find a few there too :) As you are building up your "bank of sweepstakes" also build up your bank of "freebies" I have gotten some pretty cool freebies too in the past T shirts, etc.. that are like a small sweepstake win too :) I hope you are enjoying your free newsletter. Please help us out by sharing this with your other sweepstaking friends :) Keep on winning! The more you enter the higher chance you have of winning so enter, enter , enter! 

Here are a few to get you started today :) 

win $1000 gift card         win a bed          win $50    

win a ipad       win baking goods         win baking bowls   win a kindle fire

win pet toys       win baby stuff     prize pack      win a gift card over $200

$100 giveaway       win X box 1      enter to win      music prize pack

$50 Amazon card       win a prize pack       $100 Denny's card   win books

Win Techie Stuff     

win hair products    win a Holiday      Trip to NY for students    enter to win!

win a vacation        Instant win      win a bag      Enter to win   enter to win 

If you would like me to do a product review for you it is free and a great way to get your brand name out there :) Just email me at

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