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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mom's love #FREEBIES!

I got on the free train a long time ago. I love freebies sometimes I even have little bins with samples for face creams, shampoo samples , and other products in my pantry to give me the opportunity to try before I buy. This is a wonderful skill to teach your children too and to start in your home! It is well worth your time to learn how to get freebies in your family. In hard times it's great and in good times it is great! To get started I suggest googling all the free sites and putting them in a notebook and checking the sites daily to see what is available :)


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Relief for #COLIC in your #BABY and what is it?

We all love our babies - but we feel so bad for them if they get colic. Colic is when your baby cries for more than 2 hours a day. 

Here are a few facts about colic

It starts about 2 weeks and can end about 3 months

Rumbly tummy

excessive crying many times at night.

The first thing to do is to bring your baby to the doctor! I think of it a bit like when a adult has really bad acid reflux. 

Here are a few things to try

Burp your baby
massage your baby
cuddle and be soothing.
Sometimes doing a little movements with your baby like a bicycle to get them moving and push a little to the tummy - A little bit like when we walk around to get the gas out. 
Check out the bowen method for colic 

As a Mom try to stay as calm as you can - watching funny movies will help Mom - Babies can tell when mom is upset so the calmer you are the better.  

If you are breastfeeding watch what you are eating as well - I suggest eat as if you were having stomach trouble. - but ask your doctor if this is so as he will guide you in this, If it is formula you may have to change that. 

I once encountered a baby that was crying constantly because Mom was afraid to feed the baby the new formula,  as the baby was colically- Well, she was only giving the baby 2 onces at a time and the baby was HUNGRY! This was my niece's baby. I came to visit Grandma (my sister)  and she was fighting with her daughter about feeding the baby. We all talked and gave the baby a good feeding and off to sleep the baby went and was fine.. The new formula was fine but Momma was so worried she was beside herself. I wouldn't recommend this without calling your doctor first ! This was years ago and of course the doctor was in the know about the new formula and nervous mommie. I had another sister who had a new baby that weighed only 5lbs at birth and cried a lot it was very tiring. But guess what? Both of these babies are now grown and are happy and one of these babies even has two children of his own! 

More.. Don't get into everyone old wive's tales.. lots of people want to give you advice on babies but I am a stickler for talking to your mom and your DOCTOR! 

Disclaimer all the advice above should be discussed with your doctor and we suggest strongly not to wing it alone as the answer can be really simple and doctors see thousands of babies :) 

   Take up crochet! It is calming and relaxing and wonderful for Moms! 

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Best way to keep baby happy in Stores

Image result for Binxy Baby   

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I went to Walmart the other day with Clay and there was a 6 month old baby who just was beside himself with tears because Momma was in front unloading groceries and baby was faced backwards and couldn't see Mom. I was several customers back and felt so sad for baby .. Once the baby saw mom all was good. This is what I love about Binxy Baby your baby can see you and automatically feel happy just cuz Mom is there :) . This can be used from birth until they can sit up on their own and there are many great features about this little gadget. sturdy straps, hamock, etc. I did receive this product for review puposes and no monies were exchanged. 


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Infant Lounger #REVIEW

Image result for snuggle me organicsTo order yours go to

I enjoyed reviewing this product and doing my research with for this. Snuggle Me Organic is a baby lounger that you can place your baby in your bed and it is a nice time to snuggle. What is nice about this is that the baby has baby's little own space as you snuggle and coo with your little one. I would not fall asleep with your baby in the lounger but rather use this lounger as a spot to cuddle with your baby and play . Made very well with cushiony sides with no cushion in the middle. We received this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

Easy one pot dinner

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

lunchbox review

7P94_LB_sandwich_3-4_silo_Rubbermaid® Fasten + Go™ Soup Kit

I am on the go a lot and usually have to travel at least a hour in any direction to get to my destination. Having low blood sugar I always have to have some sort of a snack with me. I was pleased when I was approached to review the Rubbermade Fasten and go kits. They are perfect for my meals as I "graze" eating small amounts all day. The Rubbermaid lunch Blox kids is a perfect size for me. It holds a sandwich , 2 side cups 1.2 cups and a Blue Ice which is great for keeping my meal cool. The soup container is great for holding a bowl of soup plus crackers. I liked putting my tomato soup and crackers in the soup container and eating in the car as it was easy to handle and everything was all in one. Great for 

sales people working on the road
lunchboxes for kids
Mom's for spots events and daily errands
Gym goers, 
those on diets
Kids for daycare
Men for lunches
Women for lunches

Image result for autumn clip art

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